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In 1921, Sir Frederick Grant Banting and Charles H. Best discovered insulin, a hormone which prolonged and ultimately saved the lives of millions of diabetics.

In 1988, the Alliston Memorial Library received a bequest from the estate of Dr. Henrietta Banting, widow of Sir Frederick Banting. The bequest included a collection of correspondence, papers, diaries, photographs and artifacts, such as pipes and glasses belonging to Sir Frederick Banting.

The digitization of this collection was funded by the Ontario ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation in 1999/2000 through a Digital Content Creation grant.

Additional funding for student support was received from Industry Canada’s Youth Employment project grants in 1999/2000.

The majority of the original documents and artifacts are now in storage at the Simcoe County Archives.

In 2001, a donation was received from the Simcoe County Historical Association to expand the Digital Library. Artifacts and pictures belonging to community residents, and the Museum on the Boyne (previously the South Simcoe Pioneer Museum) have been added.

A Library Net grant from Industry Canada was received in 2001 to further enhance the Banting site as well as to develop a local history digital library.

This project was conducted at the New Tecumseth Public Library.

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