Land Acknowledgement, Mission & Vision Statements

Land Acknowledgement

New Tecumseth Public Library is on land within the area of Treaty 18, also known as the Lake Simcoe-Nottawasaga Treaty, signed on Oct. 17, 1818 between the Government of Upper Canada and Anishinaabe Indigenous peoples.

Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

As a cornerstone of our community, we embrace diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that every individual brings unique perspectives and experiences. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that nurtures curiosity, inspires creativity, and promotes personal growth. We continuously adapt to the evolving needs of our community, embracing technological advancements and innovative approaches to enhance access to information and promote literacy for lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

To continue to create a vibrant and inclusive community hub that serves as a center for lifelong learning, exploration, creativity, and engagement.

Statement of Values

The Values of the New Tecumseth Public Library (NTPL) Board were endorsed following the last needs assessment and planning process. Those Values are:

  • To encourage reading and the continued growing of our minds by assembling, protecting, and sharing collections which open us to the new universes and endless combinations that are formed by twenty-six letters.
  • To provide materials, programs, and services which serve, equally and fairly, the educational, informational, cultural, recreational, and leisure needs of all individuals and organizations within the community.
  • To uphold the principles of intellectual
  • To promote the Library by developing partnerships and supporting the principles of resource sharing in cooperation with other libraries, institutions, and community organizations, making NTPL a focal point by encouraging the widest possible use of its services and facilities in order to enhance community life.
  • To continue embracing technology by staying up-to-date with advancements and providing resources to help community members develop digital literacy skills.
  • To focus on teamwork and excellent public service for a friendly, fair, and family- oriented service by having trained and knowledgeable staff committed to professional development.
  • To be responsible for the management of the financial and physical assets entrusted to us.
  • To endeavor to provide physical facilities which are inviting and which facilitate the levels of service required by the community.
  • To practice environmental awareness in all our undertakings.