Library Services


All three branches of the Library offer self-serve pay-as-you-go photocopiers. Copying in black and white is $0.25 per page, while copying in colour is $0.75 per page. The same prices apply to printing from our public access computers. If you wish to copy legal or ledger sized documents, please discuss the fees with circulation staff prior to using the copiers.

Documents can now be scanned and emailed to you using our photocopiers. Please request assistance from staff.

If you require assistance for printing or scanning, please speak to someone at the circulation desk prior to making your copies. You are responsible to pay for all of the copies that you make.


Lamination Services

NTPL now offers laminating services! 

  • Letter (8.5×11″) = $1.00/pouch
  • Legal (8.5×14″) = $1.50/pouch
  • Ledger (11×17″) = $2.00/pouch

Please enquire at the circulation desk for sizes available in your branch. NTPL will waive fees for lamination of proof of vaccination. 

Public Internet Computers & Wi-Fi


Public Access Catalogues (iPACS) are available at each branch where you may check our library holdings, make requests and do renewals.

Public Internet Computers

In 1998, the Library received an initial Community Access Program (CAP) grant from Industry Canada which funded the purchase of three computers – one per branch – to provide public Internet access. Since then, additional computers have been added and the Library now offers multiple stations Internet access as well as to a variety of computer programs and other software applications.

Computer & Internet Use Policy

Before using our Internet stations, please read our Internet Use Policy and Internet Access Policy. Card holders are expected to adhere to these policies when using Library computer stations.

Interactive Educational Computers

Interactive educational computers are now available at all three branches. These computers were donated to the library in memory of Amber Mae Wilde and Liam A. Wilde Robinson. Children can play educational computer programs and games with a focus on learning literacy and numeracy skills.

Memorial Branch Computers

There are thirteen (13) public access computers at the Memorial Branch in Alliston.


D A Jones Branch Computers

There are six (6) public access computers at the D A Jones Branch in Beeton.

Pam Kirkpatrick Branch Computers

There are eight (8) public access computers at the Pam Kirkpatrick Branch in Tottenham.

Wi-Fi Services

New Tecumseth Public Library offers free wireless internet access to library patrons and guests during library hours. If you have a wireless device and would like to access the Internet while visiting the library, please ask Circulation Staff how you can access our free Wi-Fi service.

Printing & Printing Fees

All our public access computers have printing capabilities. It is now a two-step process to print materials. Send your printing from the terminal, then go to the information desk to pay for and release the print job. The fees for printing are: Black and white pages are $0.25 each and colour pages are $0.75 per page. Patrons are responsible for every page that they print when using the Library computers. If unsure about how to print, patrons are encouraged to ask staff for assistance. Computers are defaulted to print in black and white.


Please note that due to the pandemic, many libraries are not currently participating in the Interlibrary Loan Program. This will impact the availability of items and delivery times. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your item(s) to arrive. Your patience is appreciated.

Looking for a book not in our collection?

New Tecumseth Public Library will be happy to source and borrow the item from other library systems in Ontario.

  • Requestors must have a valid New Tecumseth Public Library card and be in good standing.
  • Items in print format may be requested and must be in publication for at least one year.
  • Microfilm may also be requested from participating institutions such as the Archives of Ontario.
  • Textbooks cannot be requested.
  • Items will have a limited loan period. Only one renewal is allowed and will be at the discretion of the lending library.

Interlibrary loan requests can be submitted in person at your local branch, by telephone, or by using the Online ILLO Form.


E-Books and electronic audiobooks have become increasingly popular and NTPL offers regular seminars to assist you in getting started with our E-Media. We also offer assistance with specific computer-related topics through our Tech Assist One-on-One sessions and seminars. Please click this link for more details on this topic.

Homework Help

Getting reliable information for homework assignments is essential. To assist in this area, NTPL has homework help pages for elementary school students and for secondary school students.

NTPL Board Games (For In-Library Use)

(Temporarily Suspended)

Click on the Library branch below to reveal a list of the board games that NTPL has available at that branch to be used at any time by patrons. If a game you would like to play is not in your home branch, you can request that it be brought to your branch in order to play it. Please ask staff at the circulation desk for more information!


Name Age # Players Average Time Public Information
Bananagrams 7 2-8 Varies Bananagrams, 2006
Bohnanza 13 2-7 45 minutes Rio Grande Games,  2000
Deluxe Games (Chess, Checkers, Backgammon) 6 2-4 Varies Merchant Ambassador,  2014
King of Tokyo 8 2-6 30 minutes Iello, 2010
Loch Ness 8 2-5 30-45 minutes Rio Grande Games,  2010
Tell A Story: The Imaginative Memory & Storytelling Game 4 1-5 15 minutes Ravensburger, 2011
Yspahan 8 3-4 45-60 minutes Rio Grande Games, 2006



Name Age # Players Average Time Public Information
7 Wonders 10 2-7 30 minutes Repos Production, 2010
DiXit 8 3-6 30 minutes Libellud, 2010
Lost Cities: Daring Adventure for Two 10 2 20-40 minutes Rio Grande Games,1999
Saboteur 8 3-10 30 minutes Mayfair Games, 2015



Name Age # Players Average Time Public Information
Farming Game Kids 3 2-4 30 minutes Weekend Farmer Co., 2006
Lost Cities: Daring Adventure for Two 10 2 20-40   minutes Rio Grande Games,   1999
Mystery Garden: The “Guess What I See”   Game 4 2-6 15 minutes Ravensubrger, 2011
Rivers, Roads & Rails: An Ever-Changing   Matching Game 5 1-8 30 minutes Ravensubrger, 2011
Ticket to Ride 8 2-5 30-60   minutes Days of Wonder, 2006


Donations for Book Sales 

We are happy to accept books in EXCELLENT (like new) condition for our annual books sales:

  • Beeton Honey Festival (May)
  • Tottenham Community Week (July)
  • Alliston Potato Festival (August).

While newer books are preferred, we would also look at taking some older books as long as they are in excellent condition.

Please bring your donations to the front desk. Library staff will look at them and take what we are able to accept.

We are unable to accept:

  • National Geographic Magazines
  • Encyclopedia
  • Reader’s Digest Books
  • Damaged or Mouldy Books
  • Textbooks

For items that we cannot accept, consider taking them to one of the many thrift stores and second-hand book stores in New Tecumseth.